Twerking Videos

The art of twerking has reached new heights in the past few years thanks to such celebrities as Nicki Minaj, Ciara, and Miley Cyrus. Much of the reason why twerking has not died out is thanks to today’s biggest stars showing off their twerking skills on music videos, vines, and YouTube videos. People make these twerking videos to not only show off their skills, but also teach others how to twerk so they can join in on the dancing phenomenon. Watching twerking videos on the Internet is a fantastic way to figure out the whole twerking thing yourself. Here are three types of twerking videos you should watch to become a twerking pro yourself.

Music Videos

There are dozens of music videos that show off exactly what twerk-lovin’ celebs can do with their booty. Watching some of these videos allows you to see how the twerk-masters do it. For example, Lady’s music video “Twerk” will show you how it is done. Lady and her crew use both basic and advanced moves in the music video so you can see a range of what your booty is capable of.

How-To Videos

There are plenty of how to twerk videos on the Internet. These are taught by dancing professionals and will take you step by step to learn the proper twerking moves. Watch these videos as a beginning twerker, as they will show you all of the basic techniques and steps to get your twerk down so you can move on to more advanced moves.

Candid Clips

Celebs and regular people alike love to show off their twerking skills with candid clips of them twerking. They often post these clips on Vine and Instagram, as the short length of these videos is perfect for those platforms. Watching short twerking clips is an excellent way to observe the proper form of twerking, especially as they are often filmed zoomed in on the booty.