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Top 7 Songs to Twerk To

Twerking has made its way into almost every aspect of music culture. Although you can twerk to literally any song if you really want to (hey maybe classical twerking should become a thing), we’ve found a few of the best twerking songs to get your twerk on.

What Types of Songs are Good Twerking Songs?
A good twerking song has a heavy beat and hits hard. These songs are best listened to as loud as possible without blowing out your eardrums or your speakers. The music videos to these songs typically feature beautiful women who have a nice behind who show off their best twerking techniques. These songs are not just about shaking it, but are songs created specifically with twerking in mind. When you are up in the club, you’ll usually hear these songs in the early hours of the morning when the DJ is not playing around anymore.

Here are the seven best songs to twerk to:

1. Diplo ft. Nicky Da B: Express Yourself (2012)

Diplo manages to take the worldy New Orleans sound and combine it with his own crazy beat to come up with the song “Express Yourself”. This song does not let up for the entire three and half minutes and is a banger that gained an enormous following for its ideal twerking beat.

2. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz ft. Ying Yang Twins: Get Low (2003)
This simplistic beat combined with the Ying Yang Twins signature screaming is enough to start a riot or at least an excellent twerk sesh.

3. 504 Boys: Wobble Wobble (2000)
This is considered one of the best twerking anthems around. It is, in fact, a scientific fact that the gluteal muscles jiggle particularly well to marimba tones. Not actually, but it should be as this is a fantastic song to twerk to.

4. DJ Snake – Yellow Claw x Spanker – Slow Down (2013)
This song has a unique beat that will keep that booty shaking from the moment the music starts.  This song os often heard in the popular clubs because it’s easy to grind to.

5. Jason Derulo – Zipper (2014)
This song was released in 2014 and like most of Jason Derulo’s music it has a great beat to dance to. The fact that the song is about a zipper will let you know what type of dancing this song is made for.

6. Ruxell & DUZ – Booty Shake (2014)
Booty Shake is popular EDM has a mild tempo to it and the lyrics encourage you to shake your booty on the dance floor.

7. Major Lazer – Bubble Butt feat. Bruno Mars (2013)
The music video for this song has some comic parts to it and a catchy hook. Most of the video shows girls twerking and dancing.