Home Big Booty Twerking

Do you need a big booty to twerk? The answer to that is yes and no. The truth is that anybody can twerk no matter if their butt is big or small. In fact, search on Google and you’ll find all sorts of forums and articles on twerking without a big booty. However, sadly, many girls that have a bit of a flat derrière tend to avoid twerking because they’re afraid that it does not look good or that they will not even be able to twerk properly without a fuller bum. That is not the case!

A Big Booty Doesn’t Hurt

That being said, having a little junk in the trunk does not hurt when it comes to twerking. After all, the whole point is to jiggle your butt cheeks and so having a bigger butt allows for a more dramatic twerking effect. This is why the most popular twerk videos contain girls with what is called a “bubble butt”, otherwise known as a fully rounded bottom. It is why a popular search term on Google is “big booty twerking” as a full butt adds a whole other element to the art form.

How to Big Booty Twerk With a Not So Big Booty

If you have a normal to small sized booty, then all is not lost. Although you likely won’t be able to achieve a full “big booty” you can still round out your derrière by doing glute and butt exercises such as squats. Additionally, the act of twerking itself works your butt muscles and adds some fullness. No matter what, remember that anybody can twerk no matter their shape or size. Do not let the size of your bum keep you away from the greatest form of dancing ever invented! When twerking remember the most important thing is to have fun.