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Both girls and boys can twerk. However, the phenomenon has mostly been linked with women for its empowering feminine properties. If you’ve ever attempted twerking, then you know that it puts a smile on your face and that the workout it provides is very real. Learning how to twerk is all about girl power and here is why.

Twerking Burns More Calories than Spinning or Yoga

Girls love to twerk because it provides them with a fun, sexy outlet to get their sweat on. In fact, you can burn a whopping 1,200 calories in a single hour from twerking because it is a full-body workout. You can actually look good while working out? Yes you can! You best believe it.

Twerking Builds Confidence

Nothing builds up a girl’s confidence more than shaking her buns. No matter your physical ability or your size, you can twerk, and the benefits are well worth the effort to learn how to do so. Twerking also breaks away from the stereotype that only skinny is sexy, as everyone can twerk and look good doing it. In fact, twerking encourages you to have a little padding on the derrière to work with.

Twerking is All About Girl Power

The ability to get out of your comfort zone leads to an increase in self-esteem, which in turn makes you more successful in other aspects of your life as well. In other words, twerking is all about girl power on and off the dance floor. When you learn how to twerk, you are approaching a tricky task as a challenge to be mastered instead of a threat that you should avoid, which puts you much higher on the spectrum of confidence then others that don’t try twerking out. When learning how to twerk, set challenging goals and then work to meet them