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Twerking is hot. Period. This is especially the case when hot girls are the ones doing the twerking. Although some claim that twerking is just a fad that will eventually die out, we know that this is not the case. Twerking is a dance form that men are naturally inclined to be attracted to, and it has been for hundreds of years when it was first introduced in West Africa. There is a lot more to twerking then just a simple dance move. There is actually some scientific basis to twerking, and why it is considered a “hot” type of dancing. In fact, studies show that it is similar to a mating ritual, which means that men are naturally attracted to those women who twerk.

Twerking Showcases the Curvature of the Body

Men tend to love the shape of a women’s body, especially its roundness. When it comes to twerking, not only does it showcase a woman’s body, but it also showcases it while it is moving in a jiggling fashion. If there is one thing more attractive to men than the shape of women’s booties, it is the shape of women’s booties while jiggling.

Our Brains are Naturally Attracted to Twerking

Our brains love bizarre and unusual things. Twerking is not something you usually see in your day-to-day life, which is exactly why it is pleasing to the eye. On top of this, something about the twerking motion of the behind is fascinating and enchanting to watch.

The Twerking Position is Appealing

One of the main reasons why twerking is so hot is the position that it puts women in, you know the hands on the knees, booty out, kind of position. It is very similar to a prime-mating stance, which is one of the reasons why men find it appealing to look at.