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How to Twerk


Twerking: the shaking of the bottom and hips in a jerk and twist fashion. You’ve likely heard of twerking in one way or another, as it has started a sort of cult following in the last few years, and has been named-dropped dozens of times in popular club hits. Everyone can and should learn how to twerk for its confidence boosting, booty tightening, fun-loving properties. However, before you can join in on the dance phenomenon, you have to first learn how to twerk properly. Not to worry! We’ve put together a guide on how to twerk so that you can get your booty popping in no time.


Twerk Preparation

Before you start twerking, it is crucial that you first prepare to ensure that your twerking experience is both safe and effective. If you want to properly twerk, then it is recommended that you stretch every day to increase your flexibility. This will be useful for the moderate and advanced twerking techniques. It is also a good idea to do booty-flexes every day to start building those glute muscles. This will help give you complete control over your twerking actions. If you really want to go all out on the twerking, then it is best to avoid any strenuous cardio, like running for long distances, as this will reduce the overall mass of your booty, and give you less material to work with so to speak.


Find Your Perfect Twerking Outfit (Or No Outfit)

Naked twerking is a thing, and so if you want to go all buns out, then go right ahead. However, if you feel more comfortable with some clothes on then it is important that you pick the perfect twerking outfit. For instance, booty shorts that don’t entirely cover your booty or an outfit that shows off some skin. Whatever you choose, you should feel comfortable in, and it should give you some stretching capacity (avoid jeans).


The Twerking Position

You are ready to start twerking! As a novice twerker it is best to start out in the default twerk stance, which is legs apart, back straight, and knees bent. However, as you become more skilled in your twerking, you can try out more advanced positions such as doing the splits, propping yourself on a wall, or mobile-twerkin’ across the floor.


Learn the Twerk Moves

There are dozens of different twerk moves, but there are three basics that you should know as a beginner. The first is The Booty Clap, which focuses on popping your lower back, which thus lets your booty clap on the beat. Another popular twerk move is the Around the World. To do this one, you must trace an O-shape with your booty by using your lower back. If you are feeling extra adventurous, then you can do multiple rotations in a single beat. The last basic twerk move is called the Brick Break, which requires you to go into a half split and use your legs to bring your booty up into the air and then down into a full split. However, this requires advanced flexibility and so you should hold off until you can actually do the splits. There is also plenty of room to improvise, as twerking is open to interpretation. Dance to the beat of your own drum and do whatever your booty is telling you.


The Twerking Cool Down

Cooling down your body is critical to building your technique without hurting your future twerking attempts. You should never go from a full-twerking session to no twerking right away, instead slowly stop. Additionally, drink plenty of water and avoid the ice-cold water as it can put your body into a state of shock. As you cool down, bask in your newly found confidence. You are on your way to becoming a master-twerker! Nothing will get in the way of you becoming the queen of twerking. Remember to have fun while you twerk and don’t take yourself too seriously. If you do not get it the first time, then don’t give up! Twerking is a hard dance to master, but with practice comes perfection. Practice every day and you and your booty will get the hang of it.