She’s a Killer Twerking Goddess!

She may be wearing more clothes than most of the women in our other videos, but she is absolutely killer in her twerking skills! She works that twerk to absolute perfection with her bootiful backside. Watch her booty shake, shimmy, and roll. Watch it pop and drop and to the sick beat of the musical overlay. There is no doubt this girl knows how to work her curves as her cheeks seemingly take on a mind of their own. Is she a professional? We don’t know, but good God Almighty, she moves like one in this video.

The video is composed of several different clips of the same sexy girl in different outfits and different rooms, so don’t let the opening scene fool you if you are looking for more! In this three minute and nine second video, there are enough shots to make you pick your favorite twerk position, angle and outfit. Want her is a white, skin tight, pair of barely there leggings as she rides low to the floor? There’s a clip for that. Want to see her in one of her favorite pieces of clubbing gear as snaps that booty into action? There’s a clip for that. You can even watch her work it in a Chicago Bulls jersey sporting that famous 23. So don’t fret! She twerks in more than just her cotton jammies – and even that is impressively sexy!

Go room to room in her house and watch this princess twerk it over and over again for your viewing pleasure. Yes, she may be a little shy to show her face, but her skills are undeniably insane. She’s a keeper – one to be remembered and played over and over again to your heart’s content. Go on and click play! Like and share!