A Twerk Battle Dance Off

That’s right, you read correctly! This video is a twerk battle dance off, and it’s made from Russia with love. Watch these young woman twerk their hearts out and butts off as the music plays tracks of music over and over! There’s nothing better than watching a girl twerk her booty in person or on camera, but when it comes to an entire group of girls working it to see who has the best booty popping bounce, there is nothing better than a twerk off than to prove whose boss! Go on! Enjoy yourself, here! These women are working it and you get to watch all the fun!

With over nine astounding minutes of footage showcasing two twerk off events, you know these Russian ladies mean business when it comes to being the best twerker in the house. They are bouncing on the floor and spreading those legs so low, it would make Vladmir Putin proud to call himself Russian. These women certainly know how to jiggle and gyrate as they work the crowd and the camera. There’s no question every curve is killer here in this video, and you can take your pick of the litter in regards to who your favorite is in the video. Wild and crazy, these young women love to shake their booty and they are serious about this art.

The competition is fierce, and the ladies are daringly wonderful in this video. Can you separate the pro’s from the amateurs while you watch? Go on! We dare you to watch and find out! All of them are out to shake and wiggle and you get to be the judge. Do they make the cut for your tastes? Click play and let us know by liking or sharing the video!